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Dr. Samuel Johnson’s House

Dr. Johnson’s home is as sparsely furnished as Sir John Soane’s home...

08th Sep

Sir John Soane’s Museum

My first thought upon entering the inner collection rooms of the eclectic...

01st Sep

Krispy Kreme, Trafalgar Square and lunch…

Next morning we were greeted by pouring sheets of rain as we...

24th Aug

Back to The Royal Oak

Passage to our room at The Royal Oak led us by (well...

19th Aug

Sevenoaks, The Royal Oak Hotel and Loch Fyne

We set off for Sevenoaks late in the day, confident that it would be easy to find both Seven Oaks and a room for the night; we were wrong on both counts. Even after several trips to the UK, I am stymied by British road maps so I was not only no help in finding Sevenoaks, I added to the problem. We pulled into the city after dark and set about looking for lodging and after a couple of circuits of the city landed at The Royal Oak Hotel.

16th Aug

Leeds Castle

England is chock full of castles and palaces and cathedrals, all of...

11th Aug