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Venice Beach, California

On September 28, 2010

Venice Beach: Ballona Lagoon & the Venice Beach Boardwalk

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from the foreward

“…start in the quiet, natural beauty of Ballona Lagoon, part of the remaining wetlands that once extended across this area and gradually enter the man-made extravaganza of Venice by way of Marina del Rey. What a contrast in feel, in sounds and especially in sights.

This Step by Step Guide will make your walk more interesting, will attune your senses to the details and textures of objects and life around you, will help you to see far more than first glance. By the end of the walk you will have your own set of observations to add to those offered in the guide.

… this guide is intended for the discerning, mature walker, but all people willing to leave their cars for two or three hours will benefit from its advice. And the experience will be different depending on the time of day, the season and the weather.”

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