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Step by Step Travel Guides

On September 27, 2010

Current guides:

Venice Beach: A Walk along Ballona Lagoon and the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Coming soon:

Oxford: A Walking Tour of the City of Dreaming Spires

The Step by Step Travel Guide Philosophy…

Step by Step Guides will be of most interest to the older traveller, one who is looking for value but willing to pay for excellence; a traveller who isn’t afraid to travel alone, eat alone, explore alone but also enjoys a companion who seeks the same laid back, “doesn’t have to be cutting edge” experience.

Step by Step travellers look for beauty in nature, authentic architecture and interaction with local residents. They enjoy quiet mornings but can stay up late. They love children but don’t want to eat with them. They enjoy conversation and music but generally not at the same time. They are more at home in museums than on roller coasters, in jeans rather than couture but can adapt to most anything. They stay mostly at bed and breakfasts; they drink at bars and pubs, not nightclubs; although they enjoy a freshly turned out batch of McDonald’s fries, they eat local food whenever possible;

and they love to walk.

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