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The Symphony of Lights, Victoria Harbor

On July 13, 2010

If you’ve never visited Asia, just walking the streets of Hong Kong will be endlessly interesting and entertaining.  The rhythms of every day life in Hong Kong are familiar and yet somehow totally different.  After a day soaking in the differences The Symphony of Lights in Victoria Harbor requires little other than allowing the laser show to syncopate all around you; while the show’s mission is to reveal the history of Hong Kong through laser lights and music, to be honest, I couldn’t make those connections at all.  I did, however, thoroughly enjoy watching the entirety of this Hong Kong business district come alive with beams, curls and flashes of multi-colored lasers.

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After taking the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor to Kowloon, we immediately positioned ourselves along the railing next to the ferry landing.  Arrive early (the show starts nightly at 8 p.m. and lasts fourteen minutes) and choose a spot because the crowds gather all along the landing and down the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars (while many of the stars may not be known to American visitors, you will have to wait in line amongst folks of all nationalities to try and match your pose to the Bruce Lee statue.  You can also spend a few relaxing minutes at Deck N Beer which is exactly what its names says it is: a deck where you can sit after having bought a beer.  Many first class restaurants also line the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade).

Even without the choreographed lights, the opposite shoreline is a checkerboard of neon, advertising just about every well known brand of electronics as well as the Wynn Casino (just a sign, sorry, no casino here).

Almost imperceptibly, bright white beams of light that look like that might be signalling aircraft appear.

An old fashioned almost fireworks looking sign welcomes you to the show.

Slowly the white lights are joined by straight piercing green laser lines and then the whole skyline is alight.

Your eyes jump from building to building as rings of color ripple up and down their facades.  Buildings seem to be battling one another for attention.

Ferries festooned in their own light shows bob up and down on the choppy harbor waters

and then…

it’s over

and only the signs remain.

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