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Lear Road Inn

On May 4, 2008
164 Lear Rd,  Avon Lake, Ohio  44012,  440.933.2895
small brick building which houses the Lear Inn in Ohio


Lear Inn

We happened upon this place last year and liked it so much that we decided to try and find it again even though it had soft tip darts.  Imagine our surprise to enter and find that the unthinkable had happened: the soft tip dart machine had been replaced by a steel tip board.  Not only had it been replaced, it had been replaced with an eye to where the board should be and how it should be lit.

A very pleasant hour was spent playing darts, having a couple of beers and eating a basket of fried shrimp.  The Lear Inn has a nice selection of beer (including locally brewed Great Lakes) and a menu of good, fast, very reasonably priced food.  If you’re in the area, drop by and support one of the few establishments actually bringing in steel tip and doing a good job of it.

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  • Hi. I read your posting. My friend and I are road trippers, patronizers of small town bars, and always looking for steel tip. However, we live in Colorado, hence outside of the major metro regions of this state and those around it, steel sip boards are rare.

    Anyway, you’ve found some good places to shoot. If you’re take a long road trip out in this neighborhood, let me know, and I’ll send you to a couple of good places to shoot. Bill

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