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Union Jacks

On July 25, 2007

124 Northshore Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee   37919   865.584.5161

With its dark interior and small rooms, Union Jacks in Knoxville, Tennessee has an authentic British feel although the clientele is mostly college kids from the nearby University of Tennessee.

There are rumors of food but in only two visits, I’ve seen nary a dish nor a menu.  A very healthy, diverse supply of beer is on hand both in the cooler and on tap including a somewhat scrumpylike cider.  Three dart boards with reasonably good lighting hang on the back wall in the room to the right off the main bar but the mens room is directly behind the foul line so interruptions are fairly frequent.  Gets pretty busy after eight when college is in session.

triple dart boards

rear entrance, leads directly to dart boards

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