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Sonny McLean’s

On November 2, 2006

2615 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, 310.449.1811, on the right as you head toward Santa Monica

The bar with Boston in its heart and a palm tree in its front door

The large, diverse selection of beers on tap including Boont Amber Ale, Boddington’s, E. S. B. and I. P. A. as well as seasonal Sam Adams and two ciders are just twenty-seven of the reasons to like Sonny McLean’s.  The atmosphere is friendly and women alone can feel comfortable at he bar.  When the curse was ended, this is the bar that was on the Championship Trophy trail.  Current and former Bosox players have been known to drop in for a brew.  Booths for sit down food on the left of the door, three steel tip boards in the room dedicated to board and table games on the right behind the bar.

On the Sonny side of the outside wall
the bar’s allegiances are plain to see.

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