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Robin Hood Pub

On October 25, 2006

Robin Hood Pub, 13640 Burbank Boulevard, 818.994.6045 Listed on their menu as a pub and on their masthead as a restaurant

Robin Hood and Friar Tuck Shop under their shared red awning

Robin Hood is a good example of both a bar and an eating establishment

A friendly place to get a mid afternoon meal that’s not too expensive. Large selection of beer on tap, hearty food and a real British feel. At three in the afternoon women my age (my age is always the best age) having pints of dark brown ale with thick tan heads. The bantering conversation doesn’t stop when a stranger enters. Two well placed dart boards in the bar area and lots of darts competition award plaques on the upper wall; a separate more family oriented restaurant behind glass doors. The Friar Tuck Shoppe next door has an authentic feel with Scott’s Porage Oats, Yorkie Bars and a helpful staff.

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