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Tony’s Darts Away

On October 7, 2006

1710 W. Magnolia Avenue Burbank, Burbank, CA 818.846.4501

Tony’s has undergone quite a refurbishment since the below info was posted.  Darts have been relegated to the background as Darts Away has become a mecca for beer drinkers.  Gone are the Bud and its down market buddies, the dart board is in a barely playable space at the back of the room and many of the regulars have disappeared as well (along with the really fine neon dart board that lit up the front window – no one even knows what happened to it).  Still, on a recent Saturday evening the place was noisy and packed with folks enjoying the new atmosphere.  Must say the veg chili was tasty and the staff from the manager to the bartender were knowledgeable and friendly – maybe not a hot spot for darts any longer but still a venue worth visiting.

the “new” Tony’s Darts Away

the “original” Tony’s Darts Away

From the original post:

Another entertainment tradesperson’s favorite.  Small local bar with friendly regulars. One steel tip board on the left as you enter, easy to miss if you do just ask someone at the bar.

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